Complacency (The Hump)

Post date: 26-Jul-2014 03:57:13

I've noticed a strange period of time during recording where I kinda stop caring about the album altogether. I just kind of get distracted, and when I think about the album it's more "fuck it" than "fuck yeah!" It's happened almost every album cycle (I've written 9 or 10 albums, but I'm working on what I call "the other one that doesn't suck" haha). This lull or reliance on creative inertia or whatever you want to call it is happening kinda late this time around. Hell, musically, the album is nearly done, but I'm having a hard time doing the nitty-gritty work right now. Normally, I'm equally happy writing and recording as I am mixing and mastering, but during these complacency periods I really start to loathe the latter two steps. I have three songs that desperately need to be fixed mixing/mastering-wise, but I can't bring myself to load up the project files and get it over with. Maybe it could be called a temporary burn-out or something. Either way, I hate this stage of the process.

Probably coincidentally, this is also the part of the process where if I record something new and it isn't perfect and majestic right off, then I label it shit and forget about it in a hurry. Now, I'm not the type who believes in creative "inspiration" or "muses" or whatever (also known as the lazy artist's excuse for not getting shit done). I believe that most amazing creative works are the result of a good idea combined with a SHIT TON of work refining and reshaping. But damn, during this time, I'm embarrassed at my lack of diligence.

But hey, it'll pass like it always does. Then I'll be back to refining these recordings with gusto and efficiency! I think I really need to record something extremely insane to kick my ass back into gear. If I do, I'll probably release it for fun!