Abby's Song Updates Slowing to Every Other Week

Post date: 21-Jan-2016 20:08:21

As the title says, updates are slowing down to every other week. Why? Mostly because I've returned to my day job, so I can't add content to Abby's Song as quickly as I could last month when I was on vacation. The other reason is the content I'm adding at this point is getting smaller and smaller in terms of its impact on the game overall. Instead of coding entire game features or mechanics, I'm tweaking smaller behaviors and testing various art out. Things like that. I believe these smaller changes will have subtle but noticeable effects on the final game, though, so it's worth it to me to spend the time on these things.

So, each update will feature about as much new content as before, but will come in half as often. I will still do Youtube video updates as well as the occasional tweet here and there, as well as posting here. The most exciting part is that the game keeps looking, sounding, and most importantly playing better after each update, and each step bring me closer to the finished game! I'm very excited for people to play it and, inevitably, voice their opinions about it.