2022/6/13 - Novel Revision Update

Hello again!

I'm stoked to announce that I am 50% finished with the second draft of the The Higher Law!


I'm fixing plot holes and character inconsistencies, adding additional foreshadowing, and starting to lock in the POV with this first revision. I'm also cleaning up the prose a bit because I can't stop myself from doing that when I notice something amiss (passive voice, weak verb, unnecessary dialog tag, stuff like that).

The real surprise has been that my wordcount has increased. Well, I guess that isn't too surprising since I'm having to draft new material along the way to make everything jive. The wordcount will naturally decrease when I edit for clarity and style, so it may wind up back around 95,000 where it was originally (it's up to 97,000 right now).

I'm guessing that I can finish this second draft over the next few weeks (2-4 if I can keep trucking like I have been lately). Then, it will finally be reader to send out to my beta readers! I'm very excited about this.

But wait! There's more!

Since I'm not doing a lot of creating during revision, I have also started brainstorming new novels and short stories during my breaks from revising. Right now, I have at least 1 new fantasy novel idea and 3 new short story ideas brewing in the ol' brain-zone. It's an exciting time over here in OCL Land.

More updates as I have them. The next few posts will likely be articles/reviews or some other content like that.