Word Count Update

Post date: 18-Dec-2018 00:27:04

I missed a post about this last week since I was getting TDM out the door (buy it! buy it! buy it!). I will eventually do an audio book version of that. Anyway, on to the novel progress.

Unnamed Dystopian Novel: 9,725

You might have noticed that progress on the novel is coming much faster than progress on TDM did. This is because fiction is easier for me to write than philosophical/silly essays (it's easier to be entertaining than insightful, basically). Also, I am on my holiday break from classes until January, so I have more hours per day to dedicate to writing. It appears I'll be able to average around 10,000 words per month even with my work schedule, so if all goes well then the novel should be complete by around June or July 2019.

I've really been enjoying drafting this novel so far, and I think it's coming together really well. I've received good feedback, at least!

Until next time, peace!