Antichamber, Bioshock Infinite, and A Motorcycle

Post date: 27-Mar-2013 23:39:40

I picked up a copy of Antichamber because I'd played the demo a few years back and thought it was awesome. Turns out, it's still awesome (and reasonably priced!). Still has a few of the same issues it used to, though. Needs the PhysX thing to run, and then it tends to chug down every now and then, despite me having a much beefier machine than I did when I played the demo. Otherwise, it's a complete mind-fuck that definitely deserves your attention. I'm holding off on getting Bioshock Infinite despite the insane number of perfect scores it's getting in review circles because I'm not ready to drop $60 on a new game so soon after getting Tomb Raider. Maybe next month or something because I've really been looking forward to exploring Columbia, the game's floating city.

In other news, the always cool Shanzikull (who is the creator of the kick-ass logo on the top-left of this site), has suggested that I release the Warhammer 40K: Space Marine episode of Drunken Gamers. Since I haven't put anything out in awhile, I may just do that! I know most of you don't have an interest in Drunken Gamers, but I already have all the footage, and I've been too busy to put together anything more involved than that at the moment. Thems the breaks for now. At least until my copy of Morrowind decides to work for more than a few weeks at a time. I'm honestly getting tired of reinstalling it, all the mods I use, and then recreating the RTA mod I need. Takes forever.

Aaaaaaand since I'm such a stand-up guy, I'll be posting the first two pictures of my newly acquired project motorcycle! I don't know if any of you are gear heads who would be interested in this project, but I'll probably document my progress along and along, giving a modest update once or twice per month (I'm going to take it slow and do things right, hopefully).

Bike when I got it
After engine removal