Today, in which I took a 3-hour essay test

Post date: 24-Apr-2012 21:50:49

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Oh yes! It is all but over with now! All I have left to do is write 2 papers and as long as I didn't fail the test I just took, THEN BY GOD I SHALL HAVE POSSESSION OF A MASTER'S DEGREE IN ENGLISH. Real talk, bitches. While I am still technically on my hiatus until probably Monday, May 7th, I am still excited about this news and wanted to share it with all of you, since I rarely have time to visit with any of my IRL buddies these days. I am still working on projects, to be sure, but haven't made any huge progress on anything worth talking about right now. Just keep an eye out for the release of my Legend of Grimrock 1950s Commercial on Machinima's channel. Hopefully they'll put it out soon.

Also, when I come back from hiatus (after graduation, basically), I'm planning to continue my projects at a much higher pace, since I'll have a good bit more free time. That means you can expect new-new stuff and new-old stuff pretty soon! Peace!