Second Week of Logo Contest

Post date: 20-Mar-2012 23:15:32

Week 2 of the oneclipleft Logo Contest went pretty well! I have received 5 submissions so far, with one person reaching the 2-submission limit. I'm still hoping for more submissions to make the competition more fierce, so keep those images coming! I know there's still several of you out there who expressed interest in submitting but haven't done so yet. But no worries, there's still two weeks left (the contest is open until April 6th, 2012)! I'm pretty impressed with all the submissions I've gotten, so the final decision will be pretty difficult. So, thanks again to everyone who has submitted or who is planning to submit for making this contest a success! At first, I wasn't sure if enough people would be interested in something like this, but you all have proved me wrong. Let's see how the final two weeks plays out! Peace!