RTA Voice Acting Commences!

Post date: 16-Mar-2014 23:50:45

Today I have completed all the voice acting for the rest of RTA Season 3! The voices are a little different than they used to be (3 years of not doing the voices takes its toll, who knew?), but I think these episodes are up to par for sure. I'm excited to finally bring RTA back to the internet! I'm editing the voice acting right now, and have completed all edits for episode 29. As you may have guessed, I'm ensuring that EVERY remaining episode in Season 3 is COMPLETELY COMPLETE before anything is released. That way, I won't have the opportunity to skimp out on production, and every episode will come out practically back-to-back.

I briefly considered switching to Morroblivion for the remaining episodes, but I feel that might be too big a change in the middle of a season. I'm keeping that idea on the back-burner for now, but I'll probably have RTA show up in Oblivion graphics eventually. Anyway, I'm getting back to work so we can finally see this story arc to the end!