RTA Season 3 Updates

Post date: 14-May-2014 04:42:49

So, I've taken a short break from RTA production to focus on my job and hammering out some new demos. However, after next week I will be returning my attention to RTA completely. I plan to finish editing all the dialog for the remaining episodes, and hopefully begin capturing footage as well. I finally have the Morrowind CS stabilized, and I should be able to make steady progress toward finishing the season (FINALLY). I have also downloaded and starting toying around with Morroblivion, which has been pretty fascinating. I'm actually not sure if it's a graphical improvement over a heavily modded Morrowind, but it might prove useful in the future if RTA continues onward. I am also very excited about Skyblivion as well, depending on how they handle certain art assets and whatnot. Either way, it'll be an interesting take on the original I'm sure.

The next thing I plan to complete after RTA 3 is finished is my very first Source Filmmaker short film. I wrote it a long ass time ago, but didn't get very far in actual production. It's a more serious sci-fi thriller type thing, so it'll be a huge divergence in style for me. You'll get to see my limited level design skills and my even more limited skeletal animation skills. It'll be exciting to have such complete control over every aspect of a film, though, which is something I'm not really used to. As usual, all work will be completed solely by myself (with the exception of some really great voice acting contributed by others, which is also unusual for my films), which is partially what takes so damn long and why certain elements of my films are sub-par. But hey, I do this mostly for me anyway. I'm just glad some people out there enjoy the final product!