RTA Script Writing and Other Things

Post date: 10-Dec-2013 17:38:27

Well, I'm back to finishing the RTA scripts! Like I said once a long time ago, I want to have every script finished before continuing Season 3 in order to avoid another weird ending like Season 2 had. I already have the idea in my head, and I'm trying to add enough foreshadowing so that it'll be satisfying when we get there. Just as a refresher for us all, here's a layout of the major characters:

Reynaldo: We should know this guy by now, his name is the freakin' title of the show! Reynaldo is ostensibly 18 or 19 years old (it's unclear how long the timeline takes), but he's bald and looks about 40. This is what having Caius Cosades for a father will do to your looks, apparently. After completing the nearly pointless quest of reclaiming his father's missing Assassin's armor, he helped the Ninja's Guild retain their name by fighting a bunch of robots? He also befriend Captain Pirate, the Pirate Captain and Lil' Rey along the way, among a bunch of other insane characters from Season 1. Now, he's gotten himself into the Hero's Guild, much to Lil' Rey's chagrin.

Lil' Rey: Ah, the lesser demonoid of the subtype Scampus. He is probably the reason why people continue to watch RTA at all. He's Reynaldo's total opposite in almost every way. A short, foul-mouthed, angry, and pessimistic Summoned Demon, he's made the Demon Realm his home for like 10,000 years or so (his age is unclear). He becomes bound to Reynaldo forever when Reynaldo summons him in Episode 4 of Season 1. He possesses Ancient Demon Magic which makes him get kinda bigger than normal? It's not clear if Ancient Demon Magic confers any other benefits, and probably doesn't help Lil' Rey fight any better. He's the Hero's Guild's 2nd newest member after Reynaldo, although he wasn't too pleased about that development, being generally non-heroic most of the time and all.

Strong Man, Intelligent Man, Fast Man, and Sensitive Man: Our Heroes! Adapted from a canceled series, Heroes of Oblivion, these characters form the core of the Hero's Guild. They go on noble quests by the bidding of the Guildmaster, and strive to be righteous and awesome at all times. They each possess double the amount of their eponymous qualities, although the reason for this has not yet been revealed. They are inextricably involved with the evil Doctor who has caused eternal night to fall on the land, but they don't yet know why or how. Their quest, and by extension Reynaldo's quest, is to bring light back to the land and defeat the evil Doctor who seems to be taunting them. They have also recently recovered the Ancient, Sacred, Blood Amulet of the Sea.

The Evil Doctor and Harry: Although we don't yet know much about this evil Doctor, we do know that he is a Doctor, and he is evil (not to be confused with Dr. Evil, mind you). His name will be revealed in the very next episode, which is delightfully stupid, and eventually his motivations for antagonizing the Heroes will eventually become clear. Right now, he has caused darkness to fall over all the land forever, which is pretty inconvenient as it turns out. But! The darkness itself is not the Doctor's main goal, of course. That would be too easy due to his Magic Technology Machine. What does this evil Doctor have up his sleeve? Don't worry, it's not a bunch of robots this time XD

Durzog: This is a terrifying creature summoned accidentally by Reynaldo, who thinks it is some kind of illusion. Of course, Durzog is no illusion, as our Heroes have encountered him once already. According to Intelligent Man, Durzog is abnormally large for his species and is wandering quite far from his natural habitat. Of course, Reynaldo and Lil' Rey aren't going to admit they summoned this powerful beast, so what will happen? No one knows yet, but you can expect Durzog to show up again before Season 3 is finished. He might even play a pivotal role in the plot!

As I've mentioned cryptically once before, SOMEONE WILL DIE this season. It won't be Lil' Rey, I already pulled that one on you guys, haha! We might even get a few appearances from past characters as well! I know at least one kneecap-biting rodent will make a cameo, as well as one rapid-talking salesman! Will the fabled Janet finally make her appearance, too? I'm not sure! But things are definitely coming together, albeit a little slowly. But steady progress is being made. I have all the characters recreated in the Morrowind CS. I just have to place them in the world, film, record dialog, edit, and render! And, thanks again to Teechan, I might even incorporate lip syncing! We will see how it goes.

Last thing, and I want some opinions on this. Should I release each episode weekly like I used to? Or should I just wait and release them all at once when they're done? I'm definitely going to have all remaining episodes complete before releasing the next one, but I thought maybe to make up for the huuuuuge haitus I could release them all at once instead of making people wait even longer for each one to come out. Let me know! Peace!