RTA Progress Report 7

Post date: 22-Jul-2012 19:21:33

I am furious as hell. As I went to film the footage for Episode 29, my Steam copy of Morrowind began crashing on me repeatedly. Changes I'd made to the RTA mod weren't being reflected, I couldn't exit an interior cell, and then eventually I couldn't even load the game. So, I'm reinstalling it now. Needless to say I'll be using far fewer mods than I was before. I'm just going to stick to Better Bodies, the texture packs I use, distant land and the RTA mod itself from now on. I can't keep reinstalling Morrowind every time I try to start it after not playing it in a few months. I'm not sure what happens during those months of inactivity that suddenly makes the game unplayable, but I'm incredibly tired of it. I'll have to recreate ALL RTA assets all over again, so you can expect Strong Man to look different again (this is why his armor keeps changing).

Anyway, I was planning on releasing Ep. 29 tomorrow, but now that is looking highly unlikely. Once I get this stuff working again, I'll film and edit Ep. 29 as quickly as possible and release it. Thanks for your patience, peace!