RTA Progress Report 6

Post date: 18-Jul-2012 15:57:59

Ok, so you probably think I've flaked out again 'cause I haven't posted any news in a few weeks BUT THAT WOULD BE A TRUTHLESS LIE FROM LIETOWN. In fact, I haven't been updating because I've been spending my time working on RTA instead of posting news about working on RTA! I am almost ready to edit episode 29 and upload it, but I have a few things to finish up before I start on that. SO GET READY 'CAUSE THIS THING IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN.

In non-RTA related news, I have temporarily halted work on my album in order to focus on my submission for Machinima Inc.'s upcoming film festival. The film festival will be held in Los Angeles, California sometime in September, and I have until September 1st to submit a video for consideration. If my video gets in the festival, it will be shown and promoted for a solid week (which would almost gurantee tons upon tons of views), so I'm really hoping to make the cut. But! I CANNOT ACCOMPLISH THIS FEAT ALONE. While I have all but finished the script for my submission, I am short a few voice actors. Right now there are 5 characters, and ony 2 of them have voice actors. I will post a video soon explaining the project and calling for voice acting help. I am going all-out for this one, as you'll all eventually see. After this project is finished, I will return to work on my SWEET-ASS METAL ALBUM.

Skyrim Adventures is unfortunately still on hold until I can secure a voice actor for one of the main characters. I will focus on that when RTA 3 is complete.

Finally, I have begun writing short fiction again and am considering adding a writing section to this site to showcase that side of my work. I have almost finished what I think is a great short story, which I will submit to Ploughshares when it is done. With any luck, I might get some work published again since it's been about 2 years since I last published.

That should wrap everything up. I'll be making a follow-up video explaining a lot of this soon on youtube. Peace!