RTA Progress Report 5

Post date: 29-Jun-2012 22:01:30

Hi all. I'm currently putting the finishing touches on episode 32's script (only three more to go!) and I have the footage more-or-less filmed for episode 29. Since writing usually takes the longest for me (especially since I want to avoid another season 2 type ending), I estimate that I'm getting close to about half-way done! Although I promised myself I was going to work on some vocals for the album today, I'm planning on having a long writing session tomorrow since all I have on my agenda is making sure my dogs don't starve or fill my house with whatever foul materials might spew from their buttholes. That was gross. I apologize.

Anyway, that's about all that's been happening here. I think you all are really going to like these episodes when I start releasing them. Peace!