RTA Progress Report 4

Post date: 26-Jun-2012 22:28:54

Progress already! I've been making great writing headway this week to make up for being sick last week. Also, I've done a good bit of music recording for the Untitled Album project as well (did instrument tracks for two more songs not currently on this site). I'm planning to start voice acting more this week and maybe even start filming some shit now that I have all my mods reinstalled and working properly. I've been looking into ways to create new NPC animations for Morrowind using Blender with the hopes that I'll one day be able to custom animate some actual on-screen action for a future unknown project (might get more into that next year). So, I've got lots to do in the next few weeks to ramp-up for RTA coming back to the internet, but it looks like things are going to speed up considerably too.

In other news, in order to keep up my submissions to Machinima Inc., I've been toying with an idea for either an LP or some other type of easily repeatable-yet-entertaining show to put on Big M's Respawn channel. Let's face facts, creating a new machinima skit every time I want to make some money is too time consuming while I'm trying to bring RTA back. While this is especially true for complicated videos like Weapons Free, it's even true for easier videos like the 1950s commercials. My current ideas (that's not some LP) revolve around showcasing great indie games or something I like to call OCL GMASS (Gets Mad About Something Stupid) which would be some kind of rant show. People seem to like it when I rant about stuff.

Anyway, that's what's on the table right now, and I'll be making progress on all of it little-by-little (but faster for RTA). Thanks for keeping up with my stupid crap! Peace!


I just discovered that RTA as a series has gained over 100,000 views in the 4.5 years it's been in existence! Thanks everyone!