RTA Progress Report 2

Post date: 16-Jun-2012 01:29:05

Not a whole lot to report this week, as I've been pretty busy with the new job among other things. I did manage to write another script and voice the next episode, though, so progress! I'm hoping to make a big push over the next 10-12 days in terms of completing all the scripts and voice acting so I can begin filming and editing some things together finally. Also, keep an eye out for a new 1950s Commercial soon.

In other news, I'm working on a new song for my 2012 album that, unlike most of the others, is actually brand new. Most of the demos I'm streaming on this site are songs that I wrote years ago that I'm now finally re-working and recording properly. But, sometimes you just gotta write a new one. Anyway, this album is shaping up pretty well in terms of themes and lyrics, which I've more or less begun writing in my practically non-existent spare time.

Still, most of my attention is toward finishing RTA 3, and I should have a large portion of it completed within two weeks. I will probably release the next episode as soon as it's finished, with the rest to follow it soon after. Thanks for all the patience! Peace!