RTA News! Finally!

Post date: 18-Jul-2015 04:59:25

Your patience will be rewarded! I know it's been like 10 months since the last episode of RTA came out, but I am working on it! I am working on it ALL. I have so many projects in the air that it's crazy. But! I've finished up some projects that were getting in the way, and I have Morrowind re-installed following the complete failure of my Steam install, and I'm getting my mods back in order to resume filming RTA 3. And I know that a lot of people have given up on me, unsubscribed, and all manner of things due to the delay, but IT IS COMING. Morrowind is a beast to work with, and I am interested in many other things besides machinima. And, although this is an article for another time, real machinima is more or less dead :(

But some of us are planning/making a comeback. And that is a moment worth celebrating. Machinima has suffered the past few years, and I won't point any fingers, but you know who is likely responsible. Anyway, I'm still alive in the machinima scene, as it were. Good things are coming! Thanks for sticking around the past 7 years! Peace!