RTA Episode 32 Will Be Done Tonight!

Post date: 13-Aug-2015 01:48:47

So, not quite the schedule I laid out in my last post, but a week late is a hell of a lot better than a year late (as I've unfortunately been known to do). Just wanted to keep the updates flowing so you all know that I'm actually actively working on this stuff. I just finished editing the first minute of RTA Episode 32, and the other ~5.5 minutes won't be far behind. I tend to do large chunks of work at once, which is why I avoid working when I know I won't have enough time to finish a large chunk (which leads to, you guessed it, extreme flakiness on my part). I've reached a small landmark for Reynaldo the Assassin in that I'm reusing footage for what I believe to be the very first time. Mostly, I get new shots for nearly every scene, and I used to have the bad habit of deleting source footage as soon as an episode was finished. Well, I kept some footage from the past few episodes, and it's coming in handy if only for a moment. Anyway, here's some screenshots for you visual people out there. Enjoy and be ready for some hilarity soon!

As you can tell, we have some catching up to do with the Supreme Doctor of Supreme Evil and Harry Manback!