RTA Episode 30 Coming Soon!

Post date: 01-Oct-2014 01:54:17

What? Yeah you read that title right, RTA Episode 30 is uploading right now! It's a whopping 7.5 minutes long and gets the plot moving again, which is nice, especially since EP 29 was essentially one giant info-dump. Some of the older fans should recognize some references in this episode with a few reaching all the way back to Season 1! I'm really excited about the voice acting this time around. I finally feel like I've gotten good at it after all these years. I'm also getting the hang of adding music appropriately instead of just dropping it in at random.

Anyway, I'm going to work hard this week to finish up Season 3, and barring any game-breaking problems with the Morrowind Construction Set (I've run into a few hiccups already) I think I should be able to pull it off. Then it's back to finishing up the new metal album! Man, it's good to feel productive again. Peace!