RTA Episode 29 Complete!

Post date: 03-Jun-2014 01:30:48

I have in my possession the first completed episode of RTA in three and a half years! I finally got Morrowind working again, and shot and edited the video since my last post. I'm really excited with how it turned out and can't wait to release it! I'm still waiting to get the remaining 5 episodes done before releasing them, but if things keep going like this then I'll definitely be happy. Ep 29 was a great way to get back into making RTA because it only required one location and two mod edits. The rest of the episodes are a little more complicated than that, but I have my workflow going nicely again. I'll have a ton of free time this weekend to work on the rest of Season 3, so I'll be sure to keep posting updates as progress is made. Whoo!