RTA3 Still In Progress

Post date: 17-Jul-2014 23:03:41

Unfortunately, my ambitious plan to finish the final 5 episodes of RTA were thwarted by some real-life stuff (moving, new job, etc). However! I have concocted a more reasonable plan/schedule to get these episodes finished, so progress should be steady from here on out. Although I can't imagine anyone is still actually waiting on these episodes to be released after all this time, I still feel it's important to finish what I've started. I'm still quite proud of this season, and I feel it reflects my writing and video editing skills as they've developed from all the way back to Episode 1. I am also completely satisfied with how this series has turned out (with a few notable exceptions), and I'm still blown away by it's relative popularity and all the kind words people have offered me over the years. So, thank you!