RTA3 Is Back In Production! Finally!

Post date: 24-Jul-2015 00:00:09

Super excited to be working on RTA again after so long! I just got Morrowind up and running correctly again today, and I've begun pre-filming stuff. You might notice that Strong Man has the wrong armor, but I'll fix that before I start filming. Thanks for your patience with my flakiness on this project. Cross your fingers and hope that Morrowind or Steam doesn't crap out on me again. These final episodes will maintain the feel of the first few from Season 3 (similar production quality and episode length). The final episode may wind up being the longest I've ever done for RTA.

Good news is, I have very few projects on the table right now compared to a month or two ago. (ab)Useful is complete and has a set release date. Rap God is done and released, as is the "Bit Harvester" music video. So, all I really have right now is RTA (which is the current project), the secret project that I will announce after the rest of RTA3 is released, and a new album that I will start working on after I've announced the secret project. That's all for now, but I'll post more updates as I go so that you can keep up with the status of the new episodes (and keep me from flaking out again)!

From the first scene
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