RTA3 Dialog Editing Complete!

Post date: 31-May-2014 02:30:22

So here's another check off the ole list! All dialog for the remaining episodes has been recorded and edited! As it stands, Season 3 is just over 59 minutes long, and it'll get even longer as the rest of the episodes fill in with music and other stuff. I think you guys will really like how this season wraps up (much, much better than Season 2 at least). Hopefully tomorrow I can start capturing footage since I already have Morrowind and the RTA mod more or less set up and ready to go. And, as always, I appreciate the fans who have had the patience to wait this whole thing out to the end! I just hope that these last 6 episodes make the wait a little less painful. As I said before, I'll release all the final episodes at once as soon as I get them all finish/compreted/concruded. What happens next? Who knows!