Revisiting LIMBO with Music

Post date: 17-Jan-2012 17:24:33

I am currently working on a LIMBO music video to be released through Machinima's channel on youtube. Following the disappointment of my Batman Arkham Asylum 1950s Commerical, I'm hoping this music video performs much better. I have completed the music and am currently working on the vocal tracks, which might possibly feature my blues singer/songwriter friend, Jason. You can check out his music or read his blog if you want. Vocals for the track should be completed this weekend. If things go well, the whole project might be finished by then.

I'm really excited about this particular video, because it will be one of the only serious, non-comedy machinima videos I have attempted. I'm confident in my lyrics (which is rare) and very confident in LIMBO as a visual resource. I'm hoping the song and video will be as thought-provoking and open to interpretation as the game was.