Project Updates!

Post date: 16-Mar-2012 05:22:40

Whooo! Got a little bit of updates up in this here place! I like to work on several projects at once, so here's what I've been up to lately, in no particular order:

    1. RTA3 - Unfortunately, no news here as of yet. But I'm going to have the first new script done by this weekend. Maybe even more.

    2. Skyrim Series - Haven't heard back from the potential voice actor, but I'm giving it a week or two longer. I've written 7 out of 10 episodes, and I'm pretty excited about how this project is coming along. I did make a page for this series, though, for when I have some real information to deliver!

    3. Alan Wake's Stupid Nightmare - I submitted the first part to Machinima, but oddly enough I haven't heard anything back from them yet. They usually respond within a few hours and it's been well over a day. Either way, I'm working on part 4, which should be out in a few days!

    4. Music - I am putting together a full-length album starting with my old, old stuff. I'm re-recording everything from the ground up, so it should turn out sounding pretty damn great. I've already finished 2 instrumental tracks (I'm adding vocals last), and I'm currently working on track 3. You can listen to the track 1 instrumental demo on the music page! When I finish it, I plan to make it available for download for pretty cheap and then promote the hell out of it on youtube and Jango Airplay. It's going to be HEAVY, so if you like heavy music then consider purchasing it when it's released! Also, in honor of TurnMeUp! and Dynamic Range Day, I'll be uploading some music to youtube on March 16th!

    5. Logo Contest - I've received 4 submissions so far, so thanks to everyone who has submitted or who is planning to submit for making this contest a success! The submissions I've received are top-notch, so everyone bring your A-game!

Now, that may not seem like a lot of progress since I started announcing all this stuff. But! Keep in mind, I've done all this while taking 2 grad-level classes, studying for my M.A. comprehensive exam, and looking for a job! I also have to make sure my house doesn't get too dirty, so there's also that. Anyway, thanks to everyone who watches and listens to my stuff and visits this website! You all really do make it worth making the crazy stuff that I make. Peace!