Only 2 RTA Scripts Left!

Post date: 05-Jan-2014 03:46:26

I only have 2 more RTA scripts left to write, and Season 3 will be completely written (so no more Season 2 type endings)! The story is shaping up pretty well, although it has been a great challenge writing for so many characters. That's one reason why the episodes in Season 3 are roughly twice as long as the first two seasons. I have the RTA mod all set up and ready to go, more or less. So, after I finish the last script I will be doing all the voice acting at once, then I'll be getting characters placed and ready to film. Since it's been over 3 years since the last episode came out (wow, I suck!), I will be releasing all of the remaining episodes back to back once they're all complete. I'm going to crack down on this, so I hope it won't take too much longer to finish everything. What comes after that? I don't know yet, but whatever it is I'll try to make it as awesome as possible! I can say one thing, RTA will not die with the end of Season 3!