oneclipleft Machinima Officially on Hiatus Until Further Notice

Post date: 02-Dec-2015 22:36:11

I wanted to announce it formally this time instead of disappearing into the dark without any mention of what, when, or why. With the completion of Reynaldo the Assassin Season 3, I feel the need to return to other projects (they've been getting most of my time and attention anyway). Right now, I have only two active projects: Abby's Song and promoting my recent metal album, (ab)Useful. It's incredibly unusual for me to have so few projects active, but I'm betting that simplifying will help me be more productive in the long run with less chance of burn out. I can tell a difference already, actually. Both of my current projects are going better than I expected, so with any luck this trend will continue!

So, all that said, keep an eye on the other two news sections until further notice. Peace!