OCL Featured Game - Wrack

Post date: 14-Nov-2013 05:03:30

Check out Wrack on Steam!

I've decided to start featuring some games that either look exciting and haven't been released yet, or have been released and are awesome. In most cases it will be a lower-profile game that many people may not be super aware of, and in all cases it will be a game that appeals to me in some super strong way. I'm proud to announce the first game to be featured here is Wrack, a new old-school shooter.

Wrack aims to scratch the itch of nostalgia that many of us have for the old-school, fast-paced shooters like Doom, Quake, and to a lesser extent, Red Faction 1, Unreal, and Half-Life 1. I couldn't detect one modern shooter element from the screenshots or trailer. There seems to be no boring cover system or superficial "tactical" elements, at least. I also hope there is no regenerating health/armor either. From what I've seen, Wrack seems to lack a HUD altogether, which could prove to be pretty awesome.

What I did see were tons of pickups, crazy jumps, lots of different enemies you can frag, and interesting level design. These are things that I've particularly missed in modern shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield. I understand that CoD and Battlefield games are not trying to be old-school shooters, but for those of us who do still look back on the olden days fondly, there haven't been many recent offerings (besides Painkiller and a few others). Wrack seems like it will fit that bill, and it's about time!

However, if you are worried that Wrack is going to be a carbon copy of those older shooters, then worry not! The art style is interestingly cartoony and reminiscent of cell-shading or even comic books. There seem to be different characters you can play as, and there seems to be an RPG-esque character development system in place as well.

All-in-all, I'm excited to get my copy when I get paid at the end of the month (it's available as an Early Access game right now).