Not-so-secret Machinima Project

Post date: 06-Aug-2012 23:16:42

So, some of you have probably seen this by now, which is my current machinima project. It will hopefully be the first truly good horror machinima. It's an idea that I really wanted to do awhile back (remember the Machine 38 trailer? No? That's cool, it wasn't that good anyway). I won't give the story away, but I think it's pretty good. All voice actors have been cast, so unless someone drops out I won't be needing any help with that. What I DO need help with, though, is spreading the word about this thing. Here's why:

This as-yet-untitled horror machinima (it's currently a toss-up between "Casuist" and "Breaker") will be my entry in the first annual Machinima Film Festival which is being put together by Machinima Inc. and the fine, fine folks at iam8bit. The film festival will run from November 30th to December 9th both online and ALSO IN THE REAL WORLD AS WELL (Los Angeles, CA). If my film is selected for the festival, it will be promoted for a week, which would be very nice for me both in terms of money and, more importantly for a little guy like me, exposure. I'm hoping to make a big splash with this project as the first truly effective horror machinima out there. I'm doing everything in Half-Life 2 SDK and Source Filmmaker, so this video will have it all: custom locations, animations, lip sync, the works.

So, what can you do? Spread the word! I'll be releasing updates as things progress (I'm almost ready to release a new update as I write this). You can post these videos all ova da place on these here internets. TURN THIS PROJECT INTO A DIGITAL VIRAL INFECTION THAT MAY SPREAD UNTO THE MASSES. We can do this thing. And it will be awesome. Then I can get back to fixing my Morrowind and RTA! Peace!