New LP of Shadowrun Returns Coming!

Post date: 05-Aug-2013 00:11:49

I know what you're thinking: "What?! OCL still plays games?" Yep! I still play games here and there while working on my metal album, and I figured it was time yet again to do a Let's Play. I know how much some of a few of you didn't hate the LP I did for AVP, so this time it's Shadowrun Returns, arguably a more popular and timely title. I'm super excited about playing it! I never did play the first one from back in the day, so this will be a fresh experience for me. I'll probably die a lot, get confused, and wander around aimlessly all the time so it's sure to be tons of fun to watch probably! I'm going to start making it tonight since I just got the game a few hours ago. All I've done so far is get my recording deck ready to go. I might even be able to post the first video tonight!

Wish me luck as I go forth into the darkened city with naught but my wit, guile, and trusty mouse and keyboard to see me through. Will I be victorious? EVENTUALLY.