Morrowind LIVES!

Post date: 09-Feb-2012 18:04:27

That's right! I win! Thanks to Morrowind Overhaul 2.0, my Steam copy of Morrowind both RUNS AND IS AWESOME BEYOND MEASURE. You can see the beast in action in my newest video. I haven't messed with the Construction Set quite yet, mostly because the Skyrim mod manager thing was released on Steam the other day and has been demanding my undivided attention. But I'm definitely going to get to it this weekend. I've also been writing recently. my brain-space. But I have a few ideas that I think will be pretty good.

In other news, I found a collection of short horror stories on a blog run by Kris Straub (of chainsawsuit and Blamimations fame) and it's awesome. You can find it here. I read "Song and Dance Man" and the quality of horror in that story alone blew me away. I have also started (and finished) reading F Chord, another comic by Straub that I found COMPLETELY AND SATISFYINGLY ENTERTAINING. Check it out!

All that said, I have to get back to doing school work and work work so I can have enough free time this weekend to do some FUN WORK.