Morrowind Graphics Extender

Post date: 24-Nov-2013 02:13:19

Oh yes, I have re-setup the MGE and all. Distant land is working wonderfully (check out the image to the right). Why yes, that is Vivec that you can see from Balmora. Frame-rates are staying high and consistent so far, but I'll have to see how FRAPS changes things. Right now, I have Distant Land setup to show 20 cells away, which is quite a lot, but the fog is set to start after only 2 cells, so that helps. Anyway, hopefully now the CS won't crash every other day like it was when I was using the Morrowind Graphics Overhaul 3.0 for Steam mod. I'M GOIN' OLD SCHOOL ON THIS.



From Balmora to Vivec!