Post date: 13-Feb-2012 04:11:46

Awwww yeah, the Morrowind Construction Set is working perfectly and I'm modding the game again. I've created some NPCs, but haven't added any to the game yet. I've noticed that with Morrowind Overhaul 2.0, NPC skins and bodies look a little different than they used to, which is fine except it breaks continuity. But when have I ever had a problem with that?

As you may have already guessed, I am gearing up to finish RTA Season 3! I finally have some good ideas for how to guide the story and I'm trying to write some good jokes to go with it. AND, to lessen the chance that I get side-tracked FOR ANOTHER ENTIRE YEAR, I'm going to use the same process I used for Season 1 and create all the remaining episodes BEFORE I release Episode 29. I have definitely learned the destructive power of procrastination, and I VOW TO YOU ALL THAT I WILL NEVER AGAIN LET THAT POWER DISRUPT MY PROJECTS.