Machinima Inc. Drops Weapons Free Series

Post date: 04-Oct-2012 01:49:58

So, Machinima has decided to change its submission clearance procedures and has dropped my Weapons Free series because it is apparently "not of brand interest," whatever that means. They have not been forthcoming with answers regarding their decision, which is odd since Weapons Free is probably my most well-received series I've created for them to date (95% average approval rating). But hey, I'm sure Machinima knows what their subscribers like better than the subscribers do. I'm guessing it's either because the series doesn't pull in enough views, or because the series isn't made completley of game/movie trailers. Advertising is the new entertainment, after all.

I have also requested a copy of my original contract I signed in 2008, a request that has been met with almost complete silence the past few days. I'm not sure what Machinima's game is anymore, and they don't seem willing to tell me. I assume this is because I don't command 200,000+ views on my submissions, so therefore I don't matter as much. Oh well, I might be back on my own before long.

*UPDATE* I just counted 9 trailers/promotional videos on Machinima's channel posted within the last 24 hours. I guess I've figured out the direction they're heading.