Lucky 100

Post date: 14-Apr-2012 09:14:14

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As I've been gearing up for a few awesome things, I'm realizing that I need to use my time more productively. I have at least three major projects in action right now. 1) The new/old album of music I'm producing 2) Skyrim Adventures and 3) the remaining episodes of RTA Season 3, which are long overdue. Trying to produce this much content at the same time has caused production on each one to slow down, but when I'm done I'll have a huge amount of content to release, which should be pretty awesome. Add to that the fact that I'm running out of money and desperately need a job, and you've got one big-nasty screwball of a challenge. I am up to that challenge, because I will not accept a role in life that minimizes my ability to create things that are important to me. Delay them? Sure, if I have to. But I will not stop making content, because it satisfies me on some primal level that I don't fully understand. I mean, what would I do if I had been born 200 years ago? I'd probably be really into whittling or farming or mechanical engineering or something. I feel like I have so much to offer that it's difficult to make it all available in a timely manner. As such, I have a hard time getting things created and released when I want, and when you want. But! I'm coming up on my 100th video (although I've made many more that have since been removed from my channel), and that video is going to be huge. A harbinger of things to come, if you will. I have been recently saturating myself in my favorite media (video games, anime, and even a return to Buffy the Vampire Slayer of all things) as well as diving into real-world projects (I am currently restoring that '92 Camaro featured in my Friday Metal Cover video). I have been a busy frikkin' beaver is what I mean. So, stick around for the good times, 'cause they're definitely on the way.