Life/RTA/Skyrim Adventures Updates

Post date: 30-Mar-2012 03:01:29

As you may already know if you keep up with this news section, I have come on some hard times financially by becoming a functionally out-of-work teacher (that while I do still have a job, I have no foreseeable income until late August/early September). With this comes inevitable life difficulties that impact my ability to create new web-content in strange ways. In some ways, I am actually able to create more content than normal because of my increased free time. I have made six videos this month alone, which is a substantial increase from my normal rate of two-to-three videos per month. However, in needing to secure a reliable income I am also limited in my ability to create new content because I am spending a lot of my free time looking for work and completing coursework for my Masters degree (which I will finish in early May). Right now, I have enough money squirreled away to survive through the end of May, but that does not decrease my need to search for that oh-so-necessary paycheck now. As a result, my plan for future videos has changed slightly.

The logo contest's prizes are likely going to be toned down to minimize cost to myself (my apologies for that), but I will confer with the winners to make sure that such changes are agreeable to everyone involved. Also, since Alan Wake's Stupid Nightmare Part 1 has polarized so heavily on Machinima's channel, I will not be able to release the rest of that series through Big M (apparently they have quality control measures in place now, and an approval rate of %50 is not good enough to justify a whole series). So, Skyrim Adventures and RTA are now my primary focus in terms of machinima production. I will finish Alan Wake's Stupid Nightmare in the meantime, but I will not make any money from it. My plan for future releases is as follows:

    1. Release a combination of 1950s ads and Weapons Free videos from now until the end of May, hopefully at a rate of three videos per month, during which time I hope to complete at least five episodes of Skyrim Adventures.

    2. Begin releasing Skyrim Adventures at three episodes per month from the beginning of June to the beginning of September (totaling ten episodes as planned), during which time I hope to complete the final seven episodes of RTA Season 3.

    3. Release every episode of RTA Season 3 all at once on my channel, as soon as they are all complete, hopefully sometime during Fall of 2012, during which time I hope to begin making Skyrim Adventures Season 2.

I believe this plan is doable, and I have already begun pre-production of Skyrim Adventures (casting is more or less complete, the scripts are also more or less complete). After this plan is done, I do have a rough idea of what I want to do next besides continuing Skyrim Adventures. Yes, some of my plans include more RTA in some form or other, but I'm not exactly sure what I want to attempt yet. I'm leaning away from doing another season like I have in the past, mainly because I tend to go on hiatus for nearly a year at a time, and I don't think that's fair to you all. Whatever it is, I'll do my best to make it even better than what I've done with RTA in the past. Anyway, keep checking back to keep up with how things are going, and as always thanks for supporting my ridiculous visions! Peace!