Horror Machinima Updates

Post date: 10-Sep-2012 00:43:04

Hi all! Since Morrowind bit the dust (again), I've been hard at work on my submission to the Machinima Film Festival. Today we were able to record yet another character's dialog, so now there's only two left to go! Here's some info about the film in case you were wondering:

General Info

Title: Circuit Breaker (or maybe just Breaker)

Script length: ~1300 words

Runtime: aiming for 5-7 minutes

Engine: Source

Animation/lighting: Source Filmmaker


Ethan: oneclipleft

AILS: oneclipleft

Ethan's Wife: Lauren

Doctor: Paul (rufnux)

Nurse: James Sharpe

Once I get the dialog recorded for the two main characters, I'll be able to start on lip-syncing, camera movement, and character animations. After that, I'll need to do lighting and rendering (this will be an animation, not a machinima technically). I'm hoping all that takes 50 hours or less, as I've already invested over 50 hours in set-building (in Hammer) and other setup steps. Anyway, I'm hoping to put together a real trailer before long to generate some hype for this beast. Keep an eye out for it in the next several weeks!