Google is Fucking Up

Post date: 10-Sep-2013 04:06:35

What is it with Google always wanting to merge all their services into one, giant, unusable mess? What's wrong with offering separate services that do their own thing independent of the others? Do they really think that every single person wants to be forced to use every single service they offer?

Apparently so, since Youtube just informed me that my Youtube account has now been tacked onto my g+ account or some such shit. Now the two are irrevocably associated, which is not what I want. My Youtube channel is its own thing, and my g+ (which represents me more true to life) is routinely ignored and might as well not exist at all. It tells me "You are now using Google+ as the oneclipleft page." Great. What the fuck does that even mean? I already have a oneclipleft page. It's called my Youtube channel. I even made a second "oneclipleft page," which is this very website. I don't need a third one that I don't use or give a shit about. Turn that shit off already.

Also frustrating is how Google has decided to cram every piece of analytics data into one fucking graph. It used to be that Youtube-related page hits and views were tracked separately from Google Sites page hits and views. Now they're all lumped together in one giant useless mess. If I'm using analytics to see how my website is doing, then don't fuck it all up by tracking Youtube hits alongside the website hits. It's fucking confusing and doesn't help me at all anymore. On top of that, Youtube still has its own analytics for some reason, and now Adsense is tracked through it as well. Make up your fucking mind, Google. Either give us one set of analytics/adsense that covers everything, which is useless, or make them all separate, which is useful. Don't try to do both, because that is both useless and idiotic.

And no, fuck-holes, I don't want to use my real name all the time either. Peace.