Final Thoughts on the Logo Contest

Post date: 06-Apr-2012 01:54:31

As the logo contest enters its final hours (26 or so left by my count), I'm taking a minute to reflect on how everything has been going. I think the logo contest has been a great success, and I want to thank everyone who has participated. At first, I was actually afraid that I wouldn't get enough submissions to even distribute all three prizes, but now I am really excited about the response the contest has gotten and its effect on this website (i.e. that this website is not actually pointless as I once feared). I have since decided that I will probably use everyone's artwork at some point for something, so if you submitted to the contest then you may consider yourself the creator of one (or more) of the official logos/images/whatever.

I have mentioned that I might try to rescale some of the prizes following my recent unemployment, but I'll leave that for the winners to decide. What I'm really interested in now is seeing how much use this website will get after the contest is over. I hope this site works well for those of you who visit, but I also hope you'll take a minute to bring other people by as well. It's good to see how traffic has expanded over these first few months, but I'm hoping that this site can become a community for people not only interested in just me, but people who are interested in machinima in general. If I knew how to implement forums into this site then I would, but perhaps there's some other way to raise interactions and build a community here. Here's a few ideas:

    1. Please make use of the comment abilities on these news posts. Let me know how I'm doing and what else you'd like to see on this site! If you want more machinima, say so! If you want more music, speak up! If you want something else entirely, let me know! I don't always have all the ideas on hand, so it's likely that you'll think of something that I've missed!

    2. Send your friends/acquaintances/enemies over here! If I'm planning on sinking a good amount of time and energy into this site, then I want as many people to enjoy it as possible. So go get on your online community places (facebook, forums, whatever) and write a post with a link! I always appreciate when my stuff gets shared in places that I either can't go or don't have time to go.

That's pretty much all I can think of for now. I'm basically looking for all the feedback and exposure I can get. And many of you who have been around long enough should know that I'm always happy to return any favors people do for me. I'd be into doing tons of different things such as: writing articles on games and machinima, doing reviews of lesser known stuff, giving machinima highlights, etc. Just drop me a line! Peace!