Diablo III

Post date: 15-May-2012 04:35:52


I just added a bunch of new content in the RTA and Music sections and subpages! Check 'em out!


As many of us wait for the Diablo III servers to open up, which will be 3 AM for me since I'm on the East Coast, I just wanted to let everyone know that I had A FRIKKIN' JOB INTERVIEW today! Whooo! I'm really hoping I get this thing because while I may not be starving at the moment, the coffers are definitely not being replenished. At least I was informed that if I don't get the position I just applied for, there might be another one available in July that I can try for. And you might say, then why the hell did you shell out for Diablo III OCL? Don't you need to buy food or something? And to that I would have to say something clever that I can't think of right at the moment. At least I can always make some videos for Machinima with D3, allowing me to make at least some of that money back.

Also, if you have seen my most recent video featuring the intro scene to D3, then let me once again reassure you all that I am not racist at all. Why do I continue to use that stereotypical voice, then? Because I think it sounds funny and because nobody really talks like that. I mean, I'm sure there's tons of ethnic groups I could make fun of in our current cultural climate without having to explain myself, but isn't that what everyone else is doing? Fuck that. I'm going retro like all the cool kids. I'm gonna be a fucking hipster genius for bucking the system and turning the status quo UPSIDE DOWN WITH MY POIGNANT SOCIO-POLITICAL OBSERVATIONS. What?

Also, in other news, I have written a trailer for the continuation of RTA. I know I said that would be video 99, but I lied. Sorry. The upside is that I have completely written RTA Episode 29, which should be filmed, edited and rendered by the end of the week. Once I have all the scripts done (I'm committing to writing at least one-per-day whenever possible) I hope to start releasing these bad boys and wrap up the season with a bang. BANG.