Diablo 3 Pains and Site Redesign

Post date: 17-May-2012 18:35:08

As you probably already noticed, I have made some changes to how this site looks and operates. The biggest change occurred on the Home page, which is now a hub for quickly checking out new news posts, videos, and songs. I've also enriched the music section, as well as added some much needed detail in the Machinima subpages. Check 'em out! Now, on to the real deal.

Oh Diablo 3, how far you have fallen. You have truly forsaken us. If you've seen my reaction video, just know that I plan on doing an in-depth review of D3, and it'll be about as ugly as the game itself. The biggest thing I've noticed is how shoddy the art direction is. It is not subtle. It is not even that creative or artistic. It looks like Diablo 1 given an HD makeover, except it's no longer fascinating or horrifying. It's just...ugly. I can barely see anything for all the fog, which is conveniently colored to match the area. Forest parts are green, dungeon parts are red, town parts are grey, desert parts are yellow. Yawn. Even the monsters are barely memorable. Need more skeletons? No problem. There's literally fucktons of those climbing out of the ground or, worse, climbing out of treasure chests and barrels and shit. How did they fit in there? It must be a mystery of evil. That must be it. Add to that the wonderful "feature" that your minimap gets covered up in darkness every single time you return to an area you've already been to, the point-and-click "action," the boring story, the World of Warcraft vibe, and you have one mighty fine mess. So, even without all the technical failures Blizzard has chalked up so far, the game is, quite simply, boring and stupid and only good for lab rats who like pushing a button until their fingers fall off. But, you'll definitely want to stick around for the video review. There will be blood.

In other news, I have written and recorded the dialog for the upcoming RTA trailer, and have written a script for the next full episode. My Morrowind is ready. All systems go. Peace!