Contest to be announced...uh...soon!

Post date: 02-Mar-2012 05:08:04

I have been working very hard on developing the oneclipleft BRAND. Just kidding. I don't really care about branding. BUT! I am planning a little contest for all you artistic people out there! You see, I need a logo. Or, rather, I want a logo to put all over everything I do and make. This logo will appear everywhere I am active on the interwebs, from my youtube channel to this website to my music places and so on. Since I have not really announced the contest yet, please withhold sending me your work for now (all 6 of you who check this site, haha). I know some of you have some pretty good artistic skills as I have received some pretty impressive fan art over the last 4 years. Unfortunately, I don't think I still have all of it because I've had several computers die on me and I'm pretty bad about keeping backups of my stuff. I've even lost some original videos that are now only on youtube. I will probably add a fan art section to this site eventually.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw the idea out there before the official announcement to get some of you thinking about visual-type stuff. Once I have all the details hammered out, I'll release a video for the contest and we can get that BITCH ROLLIN'. As always, I really appreciate everything you guys do to support my work both musically and It's that support that continues to make this hobby fun and rewarding as hell. So, sharpen those colored pencils or whatever it is people draw with these days AND GET READY TO DRAW SOME STUFF THAT I CAN USE BECAUSE I SUCK AT DRAWING. I might even have some prizes for the winner and runners up! What? Peace!