Confessions of a Bad Director

Post date: 21-Mar-2013 00:28:39

While I'm wrapped up in a ton of old projects, and a few new ones, I'm happy to announce that Confessions of a Bad Director is finally being made! The always-awesome Dulvluspa is handling the majority of the work, and is currently editing together the footage we shot over a year ago and the footage I shot the other day (I am a professional procrastinator). He will be releasing it on his channel, and I may do the same. I think this video will have a sense of finality to it, and so will be a single video rather than some kind of live-action series like I had originally planned. The fact is, I have very little experience with live-action filming (outside of a few ridiculous music videos, of course), and so I doubt I would have been able to pull a live-action series off in the first place. With DVS handling things, though, I'm confident that this video will turn out pretty dang entertaining!

I'm still working on my kick-ass metal album, and have nearly finished recording all the instruments (2.5 tracks to go!). I'm eager to start recording vocals soon, and I'm about to have a solid week to myself in order to accomplish just that...which means I really need to get on writing some lyrics! I mean, you can't rightly sing without words. Well, I guess you could, but it wouldn't be the same. Anyway, the idea is to have some kind of demo CD to pass out to people at the Carolina Rebellion festival in early May, so I really need to get crackin' and finish up a few of these songs. I CAN DO THIS SHIT, YOU GUYS.

In other news, I recently purchased a half-complete, 37-year-old motorcycle! I've never had a motorcycle before, but I must say that it's pretty damn exciting. It's a 1976 Honda CB550 with a CB500 engine in it. Well, had a CB500 engine in it. I pulled the engine the day after I bought the bike, which was a giant pain in the ass. The engine supposedly runs, but is missing a handful of inexpensive parts at the moment (oil filter, fuel line, various bolts, etc). The bike is also missing a seat, brakes, chain, mirrors, and all electronics, so this will be a pretty extensive restoration even if I can get it running for under $100. But, the frame, wheels, and forks are straight, which is a pretty good starting point for a bike this old. If the engine doesn't need too much work, then I should be able to make some big progress pretty quickly. I'll have some pictures of it to post for next time.