CISPA needs to die in a fire

Post date: 05-Apr-2013 23:01:54

If you haven't heard, then you're probably living under a rock somewhere, but the most recent assault on internet freedom, CISPA, is back. I won't go into any great detail as tons of other sites already have, but the bill basically aims to allow corporations to share the private information they collect about you with the federal government, a practice which would currently violate quite a bit of privacy law (you know, laws already put into place to prevent companies from sharing your information with anyone, including the government). You, as well as I, are entitled to our privacy whether online or off, and the federal government and corporations should respect that.

Now, why would the U.S. government suddenly want these companies to share your information with them? The offered answer is increasing "cyber-security." The real answer is more along the lines of "to make it easier to gather information about suspicious individuals" is what I would expect. And I want everyone who reads this little news thing to understand something: I hate the United States Federal Government. I have hated it since I was old enough to understand how any of it worked. At best, it is an inefficient, wasteful, near-failure who serves its own interested rather than the people's. At worst, go read some Alex Jones or other conspiracy theorists take on the situation. But, I love my country. I think the U.S. could be a wonderful country, but right now it's a shit-storm.

CISPA is just a symptom of a much larger, more pervasive problem my country has. Namely: greed and control issues. Secondary issues might be: false delusions of grandeur and other self-image issues. I think our government really thinks it can eradicate terrorism somehow, while not realizing that its actions have actually caused an increase in terrorist activity in certain areas. I think our government thinks that as long as it can control everything it can, things will be ok somehow. Again, clearly not the case so far.

So, please do what you can to oppose CISPA by writing to your senators and state representatives, politely asking them to vote against the bill before the piece of shit actually gets passed this time. Peace!