Attention Divided

Post date: 13-Jan-2013 07:02:21

This is the post where I talk about all the things I haven't been doing recently. See, I've spread myself a bit thin trying to balance a ton of projects with life and work, which hasn't been working out too well. Here's a quick list of all the things I'm either working on or avoiding working on:

  • RTA Season 3

  • Confessions of a Bad Director (Live action film by Dulvluspa)

  • "A More Perfect Union" (Metal album)

  • "Breaker" (Source Filmmaker Horror Short)

  • Skyrim Adventures

  • Drunken Gamers (which hasn't been doing well, haha)

  • Call of Guard Duty (Skyrim series)

  • Various writing projects (short stories mostly)

Trouble is, my attention is so divided that I can't actually get anything done. I've also been stuck in a pretty unproductive state. I'll think "alright! It's time to work on RTA!" and then immediately also think "it's been so long, what if I can't do it anymore? What if it turns out bad?" and then I don't work on it. On top of that, my current environment is not ideal for doing a lot of voice work or singing. My house is pretty loud these days, and the only time I can get a good recording environment is late at night, which is a bad time to do it.

So, I play a lot of games and some guitar and that's about it at the moment. But, once I shake things off and start to focus on one thing at a time, I think I'll be able to be productive again. Wish me luck!