Animation and Machinima

Post date: 24-Feb-2012 21:36:40

If you follow Machinima's channel at all, then you probably already know that game-related flash animations are popping up with increasing frequency. I'm a big fan of these kinds of things, especially since animation expands the types of visuals and visual jokes that can be made. While some people might argue that it's not proper machinima (and they'd be right), I say SO FUCKIN' WHAT BRING ON THE FUCKIN' TOONS! I am a particularly big fan of anything made by jonnyethco or Egoraptor (who was recently unfairly removed from Sony's bullshit reality-show The Tester). I also really, really enjoy Dick Figures and Leo and Satan. Anyway, I think that traditional animators and machinima directors should work together more than they currently do, which is to say, they currently don't (except for Sanity Not Included), and I am prepared to try and make this start happening.

I want to start kinda small, though, because I'm not super familiar with flash animation (some asshole hacked my account on NG and screwed a bunch of stuff up, but my animations and early song demos are still there in all their embarrassing glory). So I'm thinking, what do animation and machinima have in common besides we get all the chicks? Answer: voice acting. SO! I have a new series of shorts I'm making in Skyrim, and I'm hoping to get at least one high-profile animation voice actor to help me with the dialog. If everything pans out, the result should be completely badass as hell.