Alan Wake's Stupid Nightmare Series

Post date: 12-Mar-2012 04:29:43

Hello again! I have this new thing I'm doing while writing the new Skyrim series and RTA3 that you may have noticed. I'm calling it Alan Wake's Stupid Nightmare. It came about by accident, really, but I'm pretty pleased with how it's coming along. I recently started playing Alan Wake, and it's amazing! It's the type of game I've been hoping for for years. See, my main complaint with survival/horror games is that they usually lack a strong narrative, instead relying on puzzles and cryptic junk to create the illusion of narrative. Now, Alan Wake's narrative might not be the most original or surprising, but it's damn sure executed well and it really feels like a visual story, like a movie or television show or a picture-book, but one that you also get to play. One of the aspects of the game I love most is the cutscenes, which is pretty rare. Normally, I feel like cutscenes are not well done and annoying because they make the game their supposed to supplement less of a game because they take away player control, thereby detracting from the experience. This is not the case with Alan Wake. As I play, I find myself hoping for the next cutscene, the next part of the story. Let's face it, Alan Wake doesn't do much to contribute to story through gameplay, so the cutscenes feel not only helpful and interesting, but necessary.

Naturally, the more drawn I felt toward the cutscenes, the more I wanted to mess them up! So, I figured out how to edit them and started recording ridiculous voice-overs for them. Viola: we have Alan Wake's Stupid Nightmare. I'm planning to do all the cutscenes in the game (and there's plenty of them), but I don't want to get ahead of where I actually am in playing the game. So, I'll try to keep up playing the game as I'm making these things so they won't take forever to be released. While I'm doing that, I will continue work on the new Skyrim series and RTA3. I want both of those to really shine, so I'm putting a lot of effort and time into them.