Alan Wake's Stupid Nightmare

Post date: 23-Mar-2012 22:37:18

I've just released the first episode of Alan Wake's Stupid Nightmare on Machinima's channel where it is polarizing like crazy. It's hilarious to see how one comment says it's the best video ever and then the next comment says it's the worst. But I think Part 2 will do much better. Also, on my channel, I have just released Part 4 so go watch it! I will be making and releasing Part 5 in a few days. First, I plan to do some more writing and some more music. I'm still really excited to start producing episodes for my upcoming series Skyrim Adventures, and I have a voice actor lined up for one of the lead roles (it isn't the guy I was hoping for though, as I never even got a response back from him). Also! I have reduced the price of my songs on CDBaby down to $0.50 so that's probably the cheapest place to download my music right now. I'm going to keep all new singles $0.50, and when I finish recording my album I'll be sure to price it reasonably as well. Finally, there is at least one RTA script in existence so that's going pretty well. Hopefully I can get all this stuff out before too long! Thanks for the support, peace!


I've also just added a Downloads section! Whoo for free stupid stuff!