It lives within thin layers

Crawls across the walls and floor

Reverberates in my head

More and more

Create the perfect skeptic, let him

See how long limbs grow, ‘til the

Air turns sick and putrid

Choking through

A spider weaves, beneath

These dying leaves, so shady

I now know when, the ties

Like bones, need time to heal


Fuck that

Fucking grin I see, each time

I dare to close my eyes

It gives me something new, in life

I feel compelled to despise

Create the perfect skeptic, let him

See how far words go, until the

Air grows thick with actions

Smile through

Then fracture knees, of those

Who try to please, your highness

A snake still breathes, in rafters loft

These words, need time to fade

Once spoken

Love, loss, fear, and loathing

Voice, face, teeth, tongue lapping flies

Though I sit down, I can’t relax

I formed a pact, that’s forming cracks

Now what this is, stands undefined

Bounce back and forth all through my mind

Await another

Innate magnetic pull

Can I, kill the force of deadpan whispers

Can I?

Been here before

Lived here before

All the venom, inside this trap

Is one that I have lain myself


It lives within my skin now

Left its mark upon my brain

To stain the future in its

Coming shame

Create the perfect skeptic, let him

Live through old vow’s throes

While crocodile teardrops

Kill a rose

A spider weaves

A snake still breathes





Beneath these dying leaves, so shady

That small grin fades into

Thin memories forever