So bind me if you can

My strength can sever chains

Or sever hands

So test the power I have grown

Play like it’s just a game, but

You wish me rooted to a stone

You, deny me, freedom to roam

You, deny me, a place to call my home

Scream and fetter, bind my legs to the Earth

This mystic ribbon, cannot hold me forever

Deceive, because you fear me, you

Believe, I’m going nowhere, trapped here

But know, one day I’ll rip out your throat

So trick me as you will

The hand I bite and sever

Won’t be enough to fill

So wait until we meet the end

A bitter roar in thunder

Devour gods and men

And I will wait alone

Bound to a fateful stone

Rend flesh and break the bone

Old god I will dethrone

Time dwindles down to nil

Nothing can keep me from

Claiming my kill

Now I await the end of all

Break free to claim my vengeance

Crush through this sword, swallow them whole