Love me, follow me
Eat me, swallow me
Hate me, murder me
Leave me, bury me

A hole inside a pit, collapsing in its gravity
Filled up with flesh and shit, bouquets of dark depravity
A want that never is met, becomes a need, all hollowing
So open wide, just open wide and satisfy

We’ll never see the rapture
I’m capable of ruining myself
I need no fucking help

Before keeps coming after
Everyone, just breathe and stare
And they, like I, no longer care

There is no brain inside the head, but still it keeps on thinking
There is no soul inside the heart, but still it keeps on feeling
There is no stomach in its guts, but still it keeps on eating
There is no mouth to open wide, but still it keeps on screaming

I’ve never felt so conquered
I’m functional in self-destructive ways
Staggering through the days

There is no fucking laughter
Everyone, just breathe and stare
And they, like I, no longer care

Feel a black hole inside, no more pleasure, no more pride
Just eat, and eat, and eat, and eat, and eat till its all gone

I starve
Can’t fucking fill the hole
Deflowering, blossoming, lost all self-control
Take on the role
As all of Hell designed
And sublimate, defecate, anti-weight defined
The meat in rind
The frozen shit we shill
Tossing to, tossing fro, hope that hate will heal
Eternal zeal
Has a different goal
Combining bodies with bodies, complete the whole

My hunger rise, ten thousand times
Endless fields of forbidden meat to eat
I do my dance, I sing my song
I do not value right or wrong
I eat all flesh, I eat all bone
Devour mind and heart and home

My tongue
Running in arteries
To lick the blood, lick the wound, lick the sick disease
As I may please
But I can never stop
Hunting and herding my human crop
It never drops
The urge remains the same
Hunger lives, hunger needs, cannot be contained
Forever stained
A want that builds and builds
Until it stomps its foot on the strongest will

My cannibal inside lives
It eats to fill, it eats till emptiness
Slavering, over the dead and

I do obey
Il duce
Tu quoque
Manger pour tuer

I fear I know I will not last
Another season
Never enough to fill the void
It eats the reason

Yet I will search this world for more to take
And I will find their hiding place
And I will eat the last of humanity